Commodore 64 - 6510 inside

The Commodore and I have a long and bumpy history together.

Starting our relationship back in early 1982, I opened my later teenage life and mind to computers with the Commodore VIC-20, and shortly there-after stepping aside for my Commodore 64.

In those years, I developed skills in programming, and enjoyed the BBS days while building lifelong relationships with a few great friends. Many years have now passed as has one of my good friends (I do miss you Big Bopper).

I'm amazed that this little computer is still strutting along and that there are so many great developers and individuals keeping this great machine alive. It indeed appears to still be popular among many people.

I'm creating this site as my own personal tribute to this great little machine, that's given so much to me throughout my life.

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So, What's Here for You?

Watch the videos below to see our unique approach in action!

3D Printing

With all the development of new hardware that's gone on over the decades since the rise and fall of Commodore, there are a lot of projects that could benefit from the development of 3D printed products. From cases to brackets and replacement parts for your Commodore computer, this is where you'll find what you need. Reasonably priced and printed in high resolution or aim is to get the Commodore community what they need for a fair price.

Navigate here to see what we have to offer in 3D printed parts for your Commodore computer.

Unique Software Collection

In the vein of preservation, I have obtained the original PSL/KSL software collection dating back to the early to late 80's. Containing some games and utilities/applications that I have not seen anywhere on the net, this collection will become available to everyone free of charge. The goal is to preserve the software that was so diligently collected back in the day. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months.


Watch the videos below to see our unique approach in action!

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