Kryoflux Case Now Available

The KryoFlux case is the latest creation from the design desk of COREi64.

This case wraps the KryoFlux floppy imaging board in a hard protective shell, while offering full access to all of the ports through the side and top of the case.

The case comes in two parts. The lid is affixed to the base through recessed 2M black oxide screws that thread into brass 2M heatset inserts embedded into the four corners of the base of the case. Full access is provided to all of the ports on the board, and visual access to the three activity LEDs is provided through the lid. The reset button is accessible, however recessed enough into the lid to ensure it is never pressed accidentally.

It is available in a number of colors, shown here in ever popular black PLA. This case is already available by request, and will be available for purchase through our online shop as soon as the store is ready.