C8D Joystick Switching Case

Joining in an agreement with Heather (Skydivingirl) over on the Lemon forum, I have designed the case for the C8D joystick switching device. The case, as of February 12th, 2016, is all but complete. I am currently in the process of testing and tweaking minor things on the case prior to it's release.

This agreement will allow anyone to download the basic STL for the case. They may in turn print a case for their own personal use. These files may not be used to create cases to sell. I reserve that right solely for myself. Should you be unable to print a case from these files for yourself, you will be able to purchase this case from my shop at http://www.corei64.com/store.

For those interested in printing their own case using the supplied STL files, I caution you to ensure you're proficient in the placement of support material. Incorrect placement of support material will result in either a complete print failure, or a solid block of un-usable plastic. I will not assist in the troubleshooting of your own printing attempts with these STL files. These are the same STL files that I use to print these cases for sale, so I can assure you they work just fine. Through my exposure to 3D design & printing I have found that successful printing comes solely from experience in processing 3D models. I do wish you the best of luck in printing your own should you decide to go that route.

Should you decide to purchase your case, in my shop, you will find two versions. The first is a heatset installed version of the free to download STL files. This case comes complete with four 2M heatsets and black oxide screws allowing you to assemble the case around your device quickly and easily. The included plastic foot is the correct height for the C64, 64C, 128, 128D, 128DCR. The case is compatible with all these machines including the SX-64.

The second version will be the C8D-II case. This case will include an adjustable foot incorporated into the design. This is an M3 commercial thumbscrew, threaded into a brass M3 heatset incorporated into the front design of the case. Because this case design incorporates special hardware, this version will not be available for download, and only available through purchase on my store.

Expect photos to follow next week, after Skydivingirl announces the release of the case for her device.