TI99/4A Raspberry Pi TIPI Case

Most recently, I've been working on a case to house the raspberry pi that works in conjunction with the TIPI case developed by Jedimatt over at Atariage.


The case has a display window incorporated into the cover plate to accomodate the Adafruit display (PiOLED) being inserted directly onto the GPIO header.

This product comes as a 3 part set, lid, bottom and stand. As with all my cases, heatsets are embedded into the plastic and black oxide screws are used to hold it all together.

Two screws hold the Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 onto the base, four screws hold the lid to the base, and two screws hold the case to the stand. Cables to power the raspberry pi are conveniently located at the bottom of the case when viewed mounted on the stand, and a cable channel is built into the base to route the GPIO cables from the pi to the TIPI. These cables route through the back to provide a clean look.


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