Thomas Christoph

Thomas Christoph

I've been an avid enthusiast in home computers since they first arrived in our world.

From the first time I sat in front of a Commodore 8032 PET, I knew I was hooked.  My passion for the 8-bit world never left me as the world marched on with ground breaking development after ground breaking development.  With newer technology, I fear that some of the magic was lost in the evolution.

It is this intangible magic that I continue to embrace.  I do use modern technology as a means to an end in supporting my love of where it all began.

My site and products are dedicated to exactly that.  Hopefully you'll find something within this living history, and feel a part of where it all began.

Thomas Christoph December 14, 2022

Enhanced GoTek

In the same form factor as the run of the mill GoTek, this enhanced version supports flashfloppy enhanced features....
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