This is a new cartridge shell design for the AVGcart SDcard cartridge.  The original cartridge, as delivered by the vendor, comes in a modified Commodore 64 cartridge shell.  Although it functions perfectly well in most compatible Atari models, it is not compatible with the Atari 1200XL.  This is because the cartridge opening "tunnel" in the 1200XL is narrower than any other Atari machine, and as such, runs into problems with standard width Atari cartridge shells.

Designing a cartridge shell was a challenge as the AVGcart PCB was designed to fit in the Commodore 64 cartridge shell, and as such, the PCB is VERY WIDE.  Considerably wider than a standard Atari board.

I managed to overcome this limitation through the use of design features on the side of the case.

Access to the two push buttons and SD card slot at the front of the cartridge is provided through generous openings in those areas to afford easy access.

Here are a couple renders of the finished design.  Once the finished product has been printed/tested it will be available on the shop.

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