This is a complete and ready to go ScanDoubler for your Amiga computer.  This converter is compatible with all Amiga computers with the DB23 RGB connector on board.

This product is based on GBS8200/8220 case, however, has been modified slightly in the cable connection area of the case.  Internally, the case has a mounting point to firmly hold the DB23 cable as it enters the case.

The DB23 is an original custom COREi64 design, printed entirely in 3D.  Only the pins required for the RGB conversion exist in this connector.  Commercial female pins are captive in their respective locations in the DB23 connector.  The shell also contains two hex-key screws for screwing the connector into your Amiga.  These have been tested on the Amiga 500 and 1200.  Thread compatibility with other models of Amigas have not been tested for the DB23 screws.

The product also comes with an "Adafruit" power adapter to drive the Jamma board.  We do not provide cheap Chinese power supplies with our product.  Chinese power supplies are notoriously under rated and unreliable.  We choose to provide a more expensive quality power supply, supplied by a US Based company.

No assembly is required with this product.  It comes to you complete, tested and ready to run.

Although some of the Jamma boards we buy are PAL compatible, all of our Amiga Scandoublers we sell are set up to function with NTSC machines.  All Amiga's can be configured to run NTSC, and as such we only guarantee NTSC functionality.

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