This is the third userport mount that we've created for Gideon's userport adapter for the Ultimate 64 and Ultimate 64 Elite mainboard computers.

Today I'm showing you the left keyboard mount adaptation of this installation.  I re-purposed the 4-player adapter left-keyboard bracket and adapted it to function as a permanent mount for the user port connector.

What you see in the included photo is the second design I came up with, however, keep in mind that this is yet to be tested.  The problem with mounting the userport in this location is the ribbon cable connection.  With it being a vertical plug, this places the ribbon cable connector quite high.  This is a problem because the keyboard extends very close to the side of the case in this configuration.  In this version of the mount, I managed to drop the userport board as low as possible in the case while still making it a viable height off the desk when installed so devices can be plugged in.  

I have yet to try installing it in a case as I have yet to find the tools I need (things are package away at the moment) to cut a slot into the case for this.  Once I accomplish this, I will post again with my results.  I'm suspecting that a small corner of the base of the keyboard might need to be notched out, however, that portion of the keyboard is not needed for normal function.

Ultimate 64 Internal Userport mount
Internally mounted userport bracket for the Ultimate 64 and Ultimate 64 Elite board made by Gideon....
Ultimate 64 / Breadbin Internal Userport mount
Internal breadbin mount for Ultimate 64 / Elite userport interface board....
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