We've been hard at work reverse engineering what we believe is the last existing example of the Phantom.  This was a board that appears to have been available for sale in the UK in around 1986.  This board boasted claims of being faster than DolphinDOS, and possessing the ability to copy virtually any diskette.

The board has been successfully cloned, and we've been hard at work putting it through it's paces, and working away at it determining what the command set is, and documenting it in a brand new user manual.  Unfortunately there is no original documentation for this board that we are aware of (and it hasn't been for lack of trying to find it either).

This board was loaned to us by a good friend by the name of John Barrell for the purpose of preserving the hardware and software for the benefit of the Commodore community.  Unfortunately my good friend passed away earlier this year before being able to see this project to its conclusion.

We have taken it upon ourselves to complete the commitment we made to John.  Once completed you'll be able to buy bare boards and/or build it yourself kits through the shop.  The gift from John will be that all of the reverse engineering documentation and work that was completed, will be available for free to anyone in the community through Github.  https://github.com/COREi64/The-Phantom 

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