The first of the two is a 1581 reproduction board with a twist!  You've likely seen some reproduction 1581 boards popping up here and there.  Inspired by some of the cases available currently on the net (specifically the Plexilazer products), we've decided to work on an illuminated version of this board with programmable lighting underneath and on top of the board for stunning lighting effects.  To go along with this product, we're currently re-designing the original 1581 case to be easier to print, and support multiple different drive mechs with the inclusion of different drive faces.

When printed in natural translucent filament, the light dispersion through the case from the illuminated 1581 board should prove quite exciting.  Stay tuned for more updates.

As with all our upcoming products, PCBWay and COREi64 have entered into a collaboration to bring you more wonderful products.  Be sure to check out their services for all your PCB needs.

The second product is quite exciting.

Networking on modern day PC's has become second nature to us, but what about networking your Commodore 64?  Unheard of right?  Well until now.  We are currently in the middle of a reverse engineering effort on the RTC Multi-link system.  This system thought to be lost to the annals of history was a networking system for the C64 that allowed you to connect many C64 together, sharing drives and printers, and having the ability to communicate with one-another.   The possibilities of a system like that for future development is staggering.  Multi-node BBS's, multi-machine gaming, user-group educational and entertainment environments...  Only limited to your imagination.

We're going to be bringing this system to you through our shop in the coming months.  This product will allow you to connect up to 6 machines plus a master computer together to share resources and communicate with one another.

COREi64 partners with PCBWay
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RTC Multi-Link
Almost ready, the only networking system available for the Commodore 64/128 computers...
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