We've recreated the 21 second back cable with the help of PCBWay in creating a high quality improved gold plated reproduction wafer interface board coupled with a COREi64 original userport shell and reproduction label.  The result is a 21 second backup cable that is superior in every way to the original cable.

The userport casing is assembled with brass heatsets and black oxide screws not only for the case but to hold the userport edge connector firmly to the casing.  Brand new ribbon cables, and a gold plated machine socket for each drives connection round out this new product.

PCBs were created in exceedingly high quality by PCBWay.

This cable is available as a single drive cable or a dual drive version.  Take note that the dual drive version will work as a single drive cable as well.

Find all of the available 21 second cable options here: <<< 21 Second Cables and Labels >>>

We've even reproduced the original diskette labels for the 21 Second Backup v4.1, 21 Second Backup v2.0(modified) and the Superfast File Backup and Utilities.

Watch the 21 Second build/review on the 8-Bit Resurgence youtube channel for more information and a look at how these cables are built.

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