It's been a while since I've posted about products in the blog.  Apologies.  Been working on a lot of things, just have forgotten to post about them.

This is a product that I've had for some time, but just had not gotten around to polishing the rough edges and producing it as a product.  Here is an early render of what will be the finished product.  

The mount installs in the DF1 position in the Amiga 2000 case (so that's the left 3.5" drive bay), as it utilizes the typically installed blank plate location.  Consisting of two pieces, the bezel portion screws into the face of the Amiga 2000 in the same fashion that the blank did.  The bezel has the exact opening for the GoTek device.  The second part is the actual mount that installs inside the case, that furthermore holds the GoTek in the correct postion.

The internal mounting bracket uses four M3 heatsets and black oxide screws to hold the bracket onto the factory floppy drive mounting platform.  The mount installs flush on the left side of the factory mounting platform, and marks on either side of the mount show where it should line up with the front edge of the factory floppy drive mounting platform.  Use the screws that come with the GoTek to attach it to the COREi64 mount.  Connect the GoTek electrically and close up the case.

The bezel can be painted to suit or just use it as is to give you a nice accent around your GoTek.

Watch for the mount to arrive in the shop.

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