PCB's for this project were provided by PCBWay who has been my prototyping partner in their support of my projects I've been bringing to the community.  Once again, they have provided flawless PCBs, as well as a commercial quality stencil, that will allow me to produce these faster than ever before.

The enhanced gotek utilizes the enhanced features of flashfloppy, the firmware that we all use on these devices for our favorite old machines.

Based off the Openflops project, I've added the sd-card reader hardware functionality that ties in seamlessly to the flashfloppy firmware.

These changes will eventually find their way into the Openflops open source project, so that anyone can build them for themselves.  Do consider PCBWay for your PCB needs as their quality is outstanding!  Alternatively, if ultra-fine SMD soldering isn't for you, I will soon be providing assembled and tested units with or without the SDcard reader, OLED display and rotary encoder.  A number of options will be available.

Amiga 2000 GoTek Internal Mount
Internal Amiga 2000 GoTek Mount for the DF1 position....
MasterTracker for the Commodore 1541
Truly the ultimate visual and functional enhancement for the Commodore 1541 disk drive....
Thomas Christoph
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