I've begun work on the development of a replacement trap door for the Amiga 500.

I had previously designed a vented version for the A1200 and felt it was time to create a replacement version for the A500.

I've come up with two designs.  A solid version like the original, and a vented.  The thoughts behind having a vented version of this trap door is to promote additional airflow through the computer.  As we all know, heat kills, so anything we can do for our old machines to promote better cooling is always a good thing.

The prototype (solid) version is fitting very well as you can see.

Here are some renders of the finish product, both solid and vented versions.

Either version will be available through the shop once completed, and will retail for $15.95USD for standard 200micron resolution.  High resolution will be available for an additional $4.95USD.

Amiga 500 Expansion Port Cover COMPLETE
Development of a solid and vented factory replacement for the A500 trap door....
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