Privacy Policy

I of course recognize the need for privacy, and as such (some time ago now) moved my shop over to this software because it offered a more secure platform (HTTPS) for my patrons.

The information you provide during a transaction is not, and will never be shared or sold to anyone for any reason.

Furthermore, I will only use that information as it pertains to the transaction for which it was intended.  I will not use it outside of the transaction or contact you for any reason other than specific to the intended transaction/use.

The reason why the information is collected is for delivery only.  For outside of Canada shipping, your phone number is required for customs documentation, and your e-mail address is used to insert into the Canada Post transaction so that you may be updated with the shipping information.  Name and address of course is used to deliver your item(s).

If you have any concerns or special needs with respect to privacy I will completely comply with your wishes.  Please feel free to reach out to me if needed through the contact page.

Thomas Christoph