My name is Thomas Christoph, and I'm the person behind

I was one of the lucky ones that were around during the dawn of the personal computer revolution, and cut my teeth so to speak on a VIC-20 shortly after it was made available to the general public.  Over the years that followed I moved from there to the C64 eventually finding myself here today.  I have a very dear passion towards the old Commodores of yester-year, and enjoy working with them as a hobby to this day.

With the advent of 3D printing technology initially I found myself drawn to it for what it could do for me in my old 8-bit computing hobby eventually parlaying it into helping others with their hobby as well.

Within the pages of my shop, you'll find most of the things that I've designed or constructed that I feel could benefit others.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me through our "Contact Us" page, through facebook or on the lemon64 forum (my user name there is COREi64).  If you find some page on the shop incomplete, please do let me know.  This is a generic package (Opencart) that I use for the shop, and if I've missed something in setup, please let me know.

Thomas Christoph