This is a DIY kit for those who want to assemble their own ScanDoubler for your Amiga computer.  This kit is compatible with all Amiga computers with the DB23 RGB connector on board when coupled with a GBS8200 jamma board.

This product is based on our COREi64 original GBS8200 case, however, has been modified slightly in the cable connection area of the case.  Internally, the case has a mounting point to firmly hold the DB23 cable as it enters the case.

The DB23 is an original custom COREi64 design, printed entirely in 3D.  Only the pins required for the RGB conversion exist in this connector.  Commercial female pins are captive in their respective locations in the DB23 connector.  The shell also contains two hex-key screws for screwing the connector into your Amiga.  These have been tested on the Amiga 500 and 1200.  Thread compatibility with other models of Amigas have not been tested for the DB23 screws.  The overall video cable length is 40cm.

Please note that the GBS8200 board is not included with this product.  It's only shown for illustrative purposes to show how it's installed in the kit.

You will receive the case, with label affixed, all heatsets embedded in the case and screws.  The DB23 cable will be assembled, installed and tested.  It contains the correct connector for your GBS8200 board, so it's just a matter of installing the board, and plugging in the cable, then closing the case.  It's a very simple installation.  Be sure to purchase the hex key if you don't already own a 1.5mm hex key.

Amiga DB23 RGB to VGA Flickerfixer Scandoubler Adapter DIY Kit

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