Do you own a GoTek and want a professional high quality installation solution for your Commodore Amiga 2000 computer?

This installation kit allows you to keep the polished looking injection molded GoTek device, and fit it seamlessly into your Amiga 2000.  This is accomplished through the use of a non-intrusive bezel coupled with an easy to install mount to hold your GoTek in the perfect position.

The mounting system consists of two pieces.  

The first is a bezel that screws into place on the left DF1: floppy drive position.  This replaces either your installed mechanical floppy drive or the factory cover plate.  You utilize the factory screws to install this new bezel the comes with the kit to the face of your Amiga 2000.

The second piece of this kit is the internal GoTek mount.  The mount has indications on it as to which side is the front and back.  The mount should be installed in line with the edge of the floppy drive mounting platform of your Amiga 2000.  The GoTek mount furthermore has two small arrows that point to where the front edge of the Amiga 2000 mounting platform should line up.  This GoTek mount is screwed in place with supplied screws.  These thread into brass heatsets embedded into the bottom of the GoTek mount so that you can REALLY tighten it down so it doesn't move.  The hex key required to install these screws is included in the kit.

Use the screws that came with your GoTek to fasten it to the mount provided with the kit.

Once your GoTek is installed in the internal mounting bracket and electrically connected to your Amiga 2000, ensure that you've slid the factory floppy mounting platform all the way forward and tightened four factory screw, then, slide the top on and screw it in place.  The internal mounting system has aligned the Gotek to precisely slide through the included bezel.

Please note that because the Amiga 2000 is a mass produced computer, you may need to make small adjustments in your installation to ensure your GoTek is correctly aligned with the bezel.  Should these need to be done, they'll just be minor adjustments left or right of the internal mount.  Patience with your installation will result in your best success.  I cannot be held responsible for variations in Amiga 2000 production.  This mounting system was designed for a US/CDN Amiga 2000, and tested in three different Amiga 2000 machines successfully.

This listing is for one installation kit as described which includes the bezel and internal mount, four screws to attach the mount to the Amiga and the hex key tool for the provided screws.  No other equipment is provided.  All of the equipment shown in the photos is shown for illustrative purposes only.

You will find installation help on my support forum at under the Amiga Products category.

Amiga 2000 Premium Internal GoTek Installation Kit

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