This is a COREi64 designed 3D printed case for the 1200XL Cart Extender Board case with the correct end/shield to prevent cartridges from being inserted incorrectly.

This cartridge design fits Dropcheck's 1200XL Cart Extender board cartridge.  See the included photos of what the board looks like that this cartridge case was designed around.  There are two versions of this extender board that have been produced by Dropcheck.  One with an overall length of 104mm (supported by this case), and another with an overall length of 109mm.  Check our other items for the 109mm version if that's what you need for your board.

If you don't yet own one of these boards, it may be purchased from

The case utilizes a three piece design, top and bottom cartridge shell and a special cap that unlocks the base of many Atari cartridges so that they may be inserted into the top of this cartridge.

This cartridge case is designed to be compatible with the 1200XL, as it brings out the cartridge connection point thus allowing other cartridges that won't fit in the cartridge tunnel of the Atari 1200XL computer.

This item is for the cartridge case only.  The cartridge is not included.

Atari 1200XL Cart Extender (104mm Edition)

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