The NEW DE-10 Multi Expansion Board Case by for MiSTer FPGA DE10-NANO has come out with a really great I/O expansion combo board that not only covers all the bases, but is incredibly compact.  The compact design of their board allowed us to adapt it to our existing case design, only having to increase the height of the case by a minuscule 4.3mm.

This case design provides the required air paths to actively cool your DE10-Nano through the integrated fan included on the DE-10 Multi Expansion Board.  Large angled vents promote cooling through the lid, and on the back side, a large area of venting provides easy flow of air past the underside of the DE10.  The SDcard access that contains your bootable OS, COREs and files was very important to me, so I designed the case so I could ease the plastic around this area to provide easy access to the card without the need of any tools at all.  Fingers are all that's needed to get the card out and put it back in.  If you're anything like me, I'm always trying new things and need to remove the card all the time.  Because the additional SDcard on the expansion board does not need to be re-accessed once inserted, outside access to that is not required.

The three buttons on the top of the expansion board (Reset, OSD and User) are accessible from the top of the case through the integrated button extension support frame included with every case.  See the included photos of all of the features of this case.

As with all of our case designs, the entire case is held together using black oxide screws threaded into brass heatsets embedded into the plastic case.

The vents are plentiful on the bottom of the case.  The board is elevated above these vents to allow air to flow around the board leading to large air channels embedded into the long sides of the case.  These channels lead to the top of the case.  In this design, large ventilation openings in the lid promote un-restricted air flow around the boards through the numerous vents and channels designed into the top/bottom and walls of the case.

Take note, that you will receive the complete case and screws.  You will NOT receive the DE10-Nano, DE-10 Multi Expansion Board or any other equipment or hardware.  The DE10-Nano hardware is only shown for illustrative purposes and is NOT included in the purchase price.

MiSTer - Case for MiSTer FPGA DE10-NANO with DE-10 Multi Expansion Board

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