This product is a 3D printed case for the KMX1 / KMX1PRO / KMX1PROS device.

This is a case specifically dedicated to house the v4.2 board version of the KMX1 / KMX1PRO / KMX1PROS device. 

This is a device specifically designed to recovery and/or clear the Supervisor password from Thinkpad Lenovo computers.  The device can be purchased from this site in Australia ( ).

This case is specifically designed for the Seeeduino v4.2 board variant that Joe is currently using for the production of his device.  There are three heatsets with M2 screws and washers that hold the board in place inside, and four M2 screws with heatsets in the lid that hold the case together.  Additionally, there is a plastic pin that resides in the lid that the user can push that will activate the clear password button on the board. 

Altogether this design protects your KMX board from shorting out while working on recovering your Lenovo/Thinkpad's supervisor password.

Take note that this is for the case only.  If you want the device for it, you'll need to purchase that from Joe of Australia at the link noted above.

This case requires a 1.5mm allen wrench.  If you don't already own one, you can include one with your order.

KMX1 / KMX1PRO / KMX1PROS Case (V4.2 Board)

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