The 21 Second backup software was considered by many to be THE ultimate copier back in the day.  Recently the last versions of the 21 Second Backup software was finally copied.  See the << Youtube video >> that announced it to the world.

With the conquering of the last of the uncopyable software behind us now, it's time for anyone interested tp experience this mind-blowing speed.  The software can easily be found and recreated now, but the last piece of the puzzle was the cable itself.  All of the versions of the 21 Second Backup software required a special cable that came with the software at the time.  Unfortunately these cables are exceedingly rare, as very few originals are known to exist in the world.

This kit provides you with the ability to construct a faithful reproduction of the original cable.

If you find you're having trouble creating your own reproduction of the 21 second software, send me a message and I'll see what I can do to help you out.

21 Second Backup Cable (Single Drive) - Build it yourself Kit

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