NEW Ultimate 64 Elite Light Strip Angled Mount for the 64c

This design is specifically for the U64 Elite board, as it's mount is specifically designed to clear the ZIF sockets mounted on the board for the SID chips.  Keep in mind that clearance on the rear SID above the LED strip mount is 2.5mm, so you don't have a lot of space between the rear sid and the underside of the light strip mount.  The front sid of course has full case clearance.  This mount is otherwise the same as the regular angled mount.

This is a new mounting system for the optional RGB controllable 24 LED light strip for inside the 64c case. This mounting design attaches to the top of the metal shield surrounding the cartridge port. It is recommended that you put a couple small pieces of doublesided tape on each side of the top of the metal shield when you set the bracket in place.  This will prevent it from moving around.  Unfortunately the doublesided tape doesn't travel well, so you'll need to supply that bit of tape.

We also have 24 LED strips for the Ultimate 64. These are neatly soldered and both conductive ends are protected with heatshrink. The cable is 40cm long, and +5v is identified on every cable to ensure it is properly connected. The connector is wired to match our breakout board as follows: (+5V, CLKI, SDI, GND). This is the same pinout as found on the new v1.4 boards by Gideon Zweijtzer. (Pin: 1 2 3 4 | GND DAT CLK 5V) Care must be taken to ensure the LED strip is plugged in the proper orientation otherwise damage to your board will occur.

The breakout board if you need one can be found here: CLICK HERE

Note that the light strip, is not included with the mount, you need to obtain one, or purchase it from us separately.

Ultimate 64 ELITE Light Strip Angled Mount for 64c case

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