Internal mount for the "ThunderDrive" CMD-HD clone and the Aztec Monster SCSI to SD adapter.

This is an original COREi64 design for an internal mount for Thunderdrive clone of the CMD-HD and the Aztec Monster SCSI to SD adapter.

The mounting bracket consists of a frame with eight M2 heatsets, screws, washers and spacers for mounting everything to the factory harddrive location in your Thunderdrive.  The bracket mounts exactly the same as the SCSI drive that came with the Thunderdrive, however, comes with custom spacers.  All original mounting hardware that came with your Thunderdrive can be discarded.

The four heatsets and screws on the top of the bracket is where you attach the Aztec Monster card as shown in the photos.

Everything mounts nice and tight, and results in a clean and safe installation of your Aztec Monster card.  The only thing you will need to additionally supply is the power supply connector from the main board to the AztecMonster board.  The parts to construct a cable like this are easily found.

Also worth noting is that the Thunderdrive typically ships with a REALLY OLD version of the bootROM.  In order to get the AztecMonster SD card to work with the Thunderdrive, you need the latest bootROM version (v2.80).  If you don't have that version of the ROM in your drive, you can add that at time of checkout and I'll include that with your bracket.

Take note that CMD harddrive, and aztec monster card are not included.  They are shown for illustrative purposes only.

Commodore CMD ThunderDrive HD Aztec Monster Mount

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