3D Printed keyboard bracket set for installing the Commodore 64c or Individual Computers 64 Reloaded board into a 64c or Kickstarter case.

This item consists of one set of Commodore 64c Keyboard Brackets, for the Commodore 64c computer or "Individual Computers" 64 Reloaded board and Kickstarter 64c case. The creation of this was inspired by the need for keyboard brackets for the 64 Reloaded computer in kickstarter case. These mounts work with both the reloaded board and the original Commodore 64c mainboard.

NOW, add the 64 Reloaded Power Plate, power cover plate (sold separately also on this site) to your order for the complete package.

A subtle Commodore logo is embedded into the side of the left keyboard mount. For those using transparent cases, you'll be able to see that through the side of the case. 

Each bracket comes complete and ready to use. Brass M3 heatsets are inserted into the plastic mounts into which the two black oxide M3 hex head screws thread into.  Two stainless steel washers are also included, so you'll just put your brackets in, and secure the keyboard with the supplied screws.

This case requires a 2.5mm allen wrench.  If you don't already own one, you can include one with your order.  See the tools section of the shop.

Commodore 64c Keyboard Bracket Set

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