The Commodore 64 Reloaded Power Plate for the 64c and Kickstarter case.

Anyone with an "Individual Computers" 64 Reloaded board, that's put it into a 64C case knows about the gaping hole in the side of the case where the old DIN connector was replaced by the much smaller barrel power connector. 

This 3D printed piece that will insert over the barrel connector on the 64 Reloaded board. It fits snugly around the barrel connector, and has a flange that reaches over to the rear-right side of the board. Both holes in the 64 Reloaded board are accommodated in the mounting flange. 

The plate of the flange is 3mm thick, however the screw mount is recessed at that point to allow you to use your factory screws, by adding only 1mm of thickness at that point. 

The bracket fits snugly around the board mounted barrel connector, and does not move when installed. 

Close up that ugly hole in the side of your 64 Reloaded Commodore with this "64c Reloaded Power Plate" 

Commodore 64 Reloaded Power Plate

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