This is a 3D Printed Case for Retro Innovations uIEC / SD card reader.  There are a number of ways this device can be deployed.  As I understand it, the device was originally designed to be internally mounted, however, a daughter card was developed allowing for external use of the device by plugging it into the cassette port.

There are two ways the uIEC device can be deployed on the daughter card.  Forward and upward.  This 3D printed case is designed to house the uIEC and daughter board deployed in the upward position.

Connection to the IEC ports are made at the front of the case, and supports any original Commodore supplied IEC cables.  Some of the later IEC cables that have been developed by third party vendors are thicker at the IEC connector and won't fit through the opening on this case.  Any standard Commodore IEC cable fits perfectly.  See included photos.

The SD card is accessible through the top of the case, and both LED's on either side of the SD card opening are exposed.

The four push button switches on the right side of the daughter card are accessible, but slightly obscured.  This had to be so, given the design of the board.  As much space was given as possible, and the buttons can still be pressed by "man sized" fingers.

The USB port on the left side of the device allows connection of a USB cable

Purchase of this case does not include the device itself.  The device can be purchased directly from Retro Innovations here: ( )

Please check the included photos of the bare board.  If your board looks like the one depicted, then the case is compatible with your device.

This case requires a 1.5mm allen wrench.  If you don't already own one, you can include one with your order.  Find it in our tools section.

3D Printed Case uIEC / SD card reader

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