This is a custom 3D designed and printed case of the CGA2RGB being constructed by 27th Pyrofer over on Amibay.  The link for the item for this case can be found here:

Please keep in mind that this is the price for the case only.  You'll have to purchase the device from Pyrofer yourself if you don't already have one.

Here are the details on the device, as obtained from Pyrofer's thread on Amibay.

All Digital processing stage using a programmable logic chip (GAL). This means that there is no loss of quality by mixing signals, also the brown fix is done in logic providing the correct output of brown and yellow instead of 2 yellows.

6bit DAC output. Each of the output channels, R,G,B is output as 2bits and goes into 2 resistors. There is no "Pull up" or "Pull down" mixing the intensity signal across channels. It's a simple 6bit RGB DAC for the best quality no bleed picture.

Correctly mixed Composite sync. A very reliable sync signal by using the 'correct' logic for mixing H and V sync inputs.

9pin CGA plug onboard. Simply plug it directly into the back of the C128, no 9pin cable needed.

15pin RGB output onboard. It uses a VGA style connector so monitors that support 15khz can plug directly in to it. So called "CGA to VGA" adapters like the Gonbes board also have an input that uses the VGA connector, Somebody tested this and the adapter works fine with the gonbes and a straight VGA cable. The standard VGA pinout is used with composite sync on H sync pin. Pin 9 carries 5v for use in SCART (euro) connector cables that trigger the fast blanking pin to put the display into RGB mode.

S-Video connector onboard. The signals from the VIC can be passed through this board via a pin header to allow the use of standard S-Video cables.   3.5mm Audio Jack onboard. As with the VIC video signals the audio signal can be accessed easily with a stanard 3.5mm jack.

6pin header for VIC DIN connector (not supplied). As the board needs 5v and the 128 supplies 5v via the video DIN output I put a 6 pin header on with inputs for, Ground, 5v, Audio, Composite (not connected), Chroma and Luma (Fed to the S-Vid connector). This allows for a very neat installation with this board plugged directly into the 128 and a single cable to the video DIN plug for all other signals. Output is then out via the VGA plug and S-Video plug for 80 and 40 columns.

I can't overstate the difference of using a logic system to convert the 4bit input to 6bit output. The high speed GAL used produces an amazing quality output that you really have to see and compare to a lot of other DIY solutions to understand.

This case requires a 1.5mm allen wrench.  If you don't already own one, you can include one with your order.  Visit our tools area to find this item.

CGA2RGB 3D printed case (device by Pyrofer)

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