3D printed case for the C-128 RGBi DAC by (http://www.bit-c128.com)

This is a two piece 3D printed case for the Bit-c128 DAC device.  The board simply is placed in the bottom half of the case, and the lid is affixed to from the bottom using the supplied screws.  You'll need a 1.5mm allen key to remove and replace the screws.  This too is available in our shop.

Here is a bit of information about the device from the developers website.

The BIT-C-128 Video DAC with a Gonbes video converter and power adapter is the cheapest and easiest combination to display high-quality 80-column video from a Commodore 128 or IBM CGA on newer VGA displays, including lightweight LCD flat panels.

Designed especially for Commodore 128 and 128D computers, the BIT-C-128 Video DAC has been carefully tuned to match the colors on the Commodore 1084S-D display and designed for manufacturing using modern design tools and surface-mounted components.

This is for the case only.  The device itself can be purchased from http://www.bit-c128.com

This case requires a 1.5mm allen wrench.  If you don't already own one, you can include one with your order.  Visit our tools section to find what you need.

Commodore C-128 RGBi DAC case

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