This is a 3D printed case for the DigiMAX by Digital Audio Concepts.

This information was taken from the Digital Audio Concepts website.

"...Despite the C64 being able to do 8-bit audio with various methods, I always thought it could use a proper 8-bit DAC, if for no other reason than to eliminate the extra CPU time those methods take, so I created the DigiMAX. The original hand-wired prototype is somewhere unknown, but I did find a copy of the schematic buried among the documents on my CMD HD. It was a snap to re-create with proper schematic capture tools, and this time it is based on a somewhat cheaper version of the chip the prototype used. The original prototype was directly wired to female a user port connector (two legs of the chip were actually soldered directly to of the edge connector's mounting pins). Board layout and schematic updated to v0.1.4 (Couldn't get any audio -- fixed by changing the four 100 ohm resistors to 3.3k and the two 10uF caps next to them to 1uF. Also replaced User Port footprint with a lower-profile version to shrink the board)..."

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DigiMax Userport Cartridge Case

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