The Re-Capture cartridge board is a re-engineered copy of the original Jason Ranheim "Capture" cartridge.

The Capture cartridge provides the ability to freeze the running state of the C64, dump the contents of memory and registers to files or burn the captured memory directly to EPROM's via the Jason Ranheim EPROM Programmer.  The created EPROMS were then meant for use in the Jason Ranheim CPR3 cartridge.

The Re-Capture cartridge will accept both versions (1 and 2) of the Capture ROM and can accomodate several switch options for the reset button.  If using an ultra miniature NKK LED switch, there is an option on the Re-Capture cartridge for adding an LED breather circuit that will slowly fade the switch LED on and off.

Jason-Ranheim created some remarkable cartridge based devices for the Commodore 64, where the Capture cartridge is extremely effective at capturing snapshots of running programs that will resum upon load at the point the system state was frozen.

This listing is for one Re-Capture gold plated board.  Build instructions and reference can be found on the DDI Projects page at DDI Project Page

Jason Ranheim Re-Capture Cartridge Board

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