This product is an elegant solution for the SuperCPU128 MMU connection to the 8502 (U6) chip.

The thought behind this product is that you could place one of these boards in every 128 computer you own (say for example you have a 128DCR and a 128).  This would allow you to quickly move your MMU from one machine to another without having to concern yourself with the connection to the 128's 8502 chip.  Ideally, you would use the JST connector and install the matching JST pigtail onto your MMU in that configuration.  Other configurations are of course available and discussed below.

The original CMD design required the connection of five wires from the MMU to the 8502 chip.  This was accomplished with five IC clips that were connected to various points on the 8502 (U6) chip on the 128 main board.  Unfortunately this solution was never a good one, as the connection points are too close together, and the clips don't tend to stay attached to where they're supposed to should you jostle your machine.

Furthermore, if you make a mistake and connect the wires incorrectly at best it will not work, and worst case, you damage your equipment.

This solution provides you with a well labelled interface board that goes between the 8502 chip, and the main board.  This board offers numerous connection opportunities, and can be ordered in a variety of configurations. 

Every board comes with the 40 pin double-wipe socket and 40 pin gold plated machine headers soldered in place, ready to plug into your 128 and ready to accept your 8502 chip.  The configuration options relate to how you plan on connecting your MMU to the board.

You can order your board in any of the following configurations:
- Without the JST or Pin Headers Installed (allows you to solder your MMU wires directly to the board
- With JST connector only
- With pin header only (allows you to clip your MMU's factory IC clips to conveniently spaced gold plated pins on the MMU Link board).

The JST pigtail can be added to the purchase of this device, however, you will only need one pigtail per MMU that you'd like to modify for use with the JST connector.

SuperCPU128 and SuperCPU  MMU are not included.  This item is for the link board only that creates a better interface between your MMU and the 128 computer.

SuperCPU 128 MMU Link

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