Available to you as an authorized reseller, is the NEO128 reproduction Commodore 128 PCB mainboard.

Currently available in two colors in limited quantities (Blue and Red).

Please visit the NEO128 Blog for detailed information on this board.  Documentation/Assembly Guide for the build can be found at this LINK.

NOTE on Shipping:
Due to the physical size and weight of this board, an additional shipping surcharge must be applied to this item based on your region in the world.  If your region is not listed, and you would like to purchase one, please contact me and I'll figure out the actual shipping cost to your location.  If however, you are in one of the listed regions, then the additional cost for tracked air shipping has already been calculated.  Please select the surcharge that applies to your shipping location.

This is a direct replacement for the Commodore 128 main board based on the last Commodore revision of the board, revision 9. It fits both the "wedge" C128 as well as the plastic C128D, but not the metal case C128DCR.

It can be used to replace a faulty or degraded Commodore 128 board, using either new or old components. It has the same physical dimensions and component placements so it will fit straight into the old case as is.

Differences to the original

- All jumpers changed from solder pads to pin headers
- J7 made functional
- A11 break-out for the character ROM
- No need to cut traces and solder bodge wires
- Available in shiny new colors
- Component values have been added to the silk screen

Common questions

Where can I find the old chips? They can either be salvaged from a Commodore 128 board or otherwise located on the Internet.
- Do you sell components? (No, but the bill of materials has links to Mouser for many of them.)

NEO128 - Reproduction Commodore 128 Main PCB

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Available Filament Colors

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Natural Translucent
Pine Green
Brown (Dark Chocolate)
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