For the first time anywhere, now you can build yourself your very own "The Phantom".  The Phantom is a 1541/C64 drive enhancement that was available in the UK in the mid 80's.  It was only available for a short time, and has long since thought to have been lost forever.

This is an accurate reproduction of the original board, and the board set consists of the main Phantom drive PCB, the kernal PCB and the parallel port connection board designed to support the connection of multiple Phantom boards on one C64.

This project is the realization of a request of my friend John Barrell.  He wanted this thought to be long lost piece of Commodore history to be made available to the community that he so loved.  Unfortunately, he passed away before seeing his dream reach it's conclusion.  In absence of my friend, I completed the project that you see available to you here.

I'm making the boards available here so that you will have the opportunity to construct one yourself the most cost effectively possible.  

Along with the boards, I am making a few options available for purchase along side the PCBs for the more difficult to find parts.  The majority of the parts for this system are still readily available through online parts retailers.

BOM and other additional files/information and users guide are available free to download here: The Phantom public GitHub.  This product is for the three bare PCBs only, with available options.

Available options (at additional cost) are:

    SRAM chip
    Pre-soldered SMD resistors on Kernal board
    3D printed userport/parallel cable connector housing
    Userport connector
    Userport connector with 3D printed connector housing

The 3D printed userport housing will be provided in black.

For those interested in a complete parts kit for the build-it-yourself enthusiast, you can find that here:

Fully assembled boards are also available in limited quantity.  If you'd like one, and find there are none in stock, please send me a message: 
Phantom Assembled and Tested link

The Phantom - 1541 Drive Enhancement PCB Board Set

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