ISEPIC for the Commodore 64 is back!

2017 marked the re-issue of the original "Freezer" cartridge first released in June 1985.  It only remained on the market for 6 months before it was thought to have vanished into Commodore history.

Permission was obtained from the original designer of the ISEPIC cartridge to bring the grandfather of "Freezer" cartridges back to the grass-roots Commodore community that still exists today.

This re-issued ISEPIC cartridge is a faithful and respectful reproduction of the original board, electrically identical, designed and produced on a gold plated board.  The contacts on this re-issued ISEPIC cartridge should last another 32+ years.

Extreme care was taken in the design of this re-issue to ensure that it would be a 100 percent drop in replacement, should anyone have a defective or worn out ISEPIC cartridge, this board will fit in the original "StarPoint Software" ISEPIC plastic case.  The toggle switch is dimensionally identical, and placed in the exact same location on this exact reproduction.  Internal mounting holes are also precisely located.

Each board has been tested to ensure that it meets the same high standards of functionality that the original ISEPIC met.

The following test is performed on each cartridge:

1. Commodore memory is prepared using the ISEPIC software, and cartridge

2. A game is loaded, frozen in memory, and dumped to an attached 1541 disk drive.

3. The frozen game dump is loaded using the ISEPIC software and cartridge and executed.

4. The re-loaded game is confirmed to function correctly and that it resumed from where it was frozen

5. The game is then processed using the ISEPIC software into a stand along executable game.

Further tests have been performed on this re-issued ISEPIC cartridge with the now popular SD2IEC devices.  This re-issue has been successfully tested with the uIEC device as well as the UK1541.  Interestingly enough, SDcard based hardware did not exist in 1985, and it's a real tribute to the ISEPIC designer that this 32 year old design functions on the Commodore 64 utilizing modern technology.  Truly an amazing device from the mind of a brilliant individual.

For a limited time, I will be offering this re-issued ISEPIC board to the Commodore community.

Every effort has been made to ensure success of this re-issued ISEPIC board.  However, due to the age and/or condition of your Commodore, you may see differing results.  If your Commodore 64 is functioning properly, and has a clean cartridge board, and your 1541 disk drive is properly aligned, you won't have any issues.  The hardware this re-issued ISEPIC was tested on is a 100 percent refurbished to factory new Commodore 64, and a perfectly aligned disk drive.

This item is for the re-issued ISEPIC fully tested cartridge fully assembled and tested.  No case is provided.  Digital copies of the reproduction instruction manual, and floppy diskette in 1541 (D64) format are provided through the download links provided on this page.  Side "A" includes the original software that came with the ISEPIC in 1985, and the back side contains fan-based ISEPIC utilities that were created over the years.  These are provided to enhance your enjoyment of this fantastic hardware utility cartridge.

ISEPIC - The Original Freezer Cartridge w/o case

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