The MiniXum 1541 is a USB to Commodore IEC serial adapter which allows you to connect a Commodore 1541 floppy to a modern PC. The design is based on the Zoom Floppy board and the xum1541 firmware provided by Nate Lawson which he has kindly made available under a GNU General Public License.

The MiniXum 1541 is basically a pin-compatible copy of the Zoom Floppy board which has been stripped down to the bare minimum components required for serial IEC support.

This MiniXum has two surface mounted LED's on it (one activity LED, and one power LED).  Comes to you fully tested without case.  If you'd prefer this board with a case, then select the product that comes with the case.

This product comes to you assembled and tested, ready to go.  All you need to supply is the computer, cables and Commodore serial drive (1541, 1541-II, 1571) and some floppy diskettes and you'll be off to the races.  Board color may vary.

MiniXUM 1541 without Case

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