The Creative Micro Designs FD-2000 and FD-4000 did not by default come with the RTC (real time clock) option, and when it did, was a module that resided between the main board and the DOS ROM chip of the drive.  Even if your CMD FD-2000/4000 drive came with the RTC option, the battery within that module will have died long ago.  These modules were not servicable, and the battery could not be replaced.

Any replacement modules that you can find for sale now are fake chinese reproductions and don't work.  If you do happen to find a used one, these modules have been out of production for a very long time now, and are well past their expected lifespan.

This is a replacement module that uses a modern coin cell and highly accurate Phantom time chip to maintain the date and time in your drive.

It plugs in exactly in the same manner as the original with the exception of being able to replace the battery quickly and easily with commonly produced CR2032 or CR2025 lithium coin cells.

PCB board color may vary.

Compatible with both the FD-2000 and FD-4000.  Disk drives are not included, shown only for illustrative purposes as to how the board is installed in the drive.

CMD Real Time Clock Upgrade for FD-2000 v2

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