• StarDOS - The Complete 1541 Enhancement System

StarDOS for the Commodore 64 is back!

This is an accurate reproduction of the Starpoint Software, StarDOS system.  The system includes the StarDOS cartridge and StarDOS drive board.  Combined, these maximize the performance of StarDOS.  Over the years, on occasion, the StarDOS cartridge has been available in the resellers market, but virtually never with the elusive drive board.  This listing gives you both of these rare pieces of hardware at one package price.  Documentation can be easily downloaded by clicking on the "DOWNLOAD" tab to reveal the downloadable documents.

The price includes one StarDOS cartridge with synchronization clip in a cartridge case and reproduction StarDOS cartridge label.  The drive board is ready to install, just follow the original installation documentation.

NOTE:  We currently have very limited stock on this item.  If you find it to be out of stock, message me and I will be able to give you an estimated restock date.

From the original Advertisement:

The 1541 is the slowest disk drive on the planet.  Even simple operations seem to take forever.  Quickloaders and Fastloaders that software-patch the operating system are vulnerable to being knocke dout of memory, rendering them totally useless.  Even Flashier products that require permanent modifications to the 64 and 1541 can't compete with the blinding speed of StarDOS.

StarDOS accelerates every (yes, we said every) function of the 1541 disk drive.  Other fast loaders only load PRG files faster.  StarDOS also speeds up SEQ, REL, USR and DIRECT ACCESS files.  Everything including FORMAT, VERIFY, SCRATCH, VALIDATE, INITALIZE and COPY are much faster.  In addition, StarDOS adds a vast array of easy to use commands all at the touch of a key.

- Accesses ALL types of files up to 1000% faster!
- Saves up to 300% faster than normal (with extended verify)
- Does not change the speed at which the drive motor spins
- Makes your 1541 more reliable and less prone to bread down or overheat!
- StarDOS is fully expandable for multiple fast disk drives
- Easy (5 minutes) plug in installation.  User friendly manual
- 100% Compatible with software and serial bus peripherals
- Adds years of life to your disks and drive in reduced wear
- Cures a number of bugs in the Commodore 64 and 1541 disk drive including:
    - The damaging "Head Knock" that can mis-align your 1541
    - The @:SAVE with replace bug!!
    - The Editor luck-up bug
- Harness the full power of your disk drive with the built in DOS wedge
- Lock/Unlock files and Protect/Unprotect disks from the keyboard
- Powerful sector editor allos direct viewing of diskette
- Upgrades computer and disk drive to the latest Commodore specifications
- Instant access to the built-in mini-wordprocessor for short notes and memos
- Built in copier copies all file types (even relative) easily and effectively
- Built in disk duplicator copies and entire diskette in less than 3 minutes
- Fully expanded machine language monitor, aloways on-line.
- Quality hardware

StarDOS - The Complete 1541 Enhancement System

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