Also available as an option when buying the Ultimate 64 Installation kit, this is the LED Splitter Board.  This board allows you to connect both our Illuminated LED button as well as the factory C64 case LED with standard convenient pins.  Both"Power LED" and "Drive Activity" connections are available on either side of the splitter board.  The splitter board itself simply plugs directly into the Ultimate 64's pin connector on the main board.

The board is provided to you assembled and various can be added at time of purchase.  The base price is for the board as shown, with dual male pin connectors, and female 3 pin connector.  LED options and translucent button can be added if you need any of it.

Note: Options with wiring harness, colors will vary.

Installation is simple.  Center pins (on either side) are shared ground.  Pins closes to the cartridge port are positive power LED.  Pins furthest from the cartridge port are positive drive activity LED.

This board is compatible with all previous LED's that I've sold, with the exception of the original "harness" I sold.  That small loom was basically an early representation of this board.

For those interested in a more streamlined installation (specifically those with transparent/translucent cases), you may be interested in this board with surface mounted LED's installed ( Ultimate 64 Surface Mounted LED Splitter Board ).

Ultimate 64 LED Splitter Board

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Available Options

Available Filament Colors

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Natural Translucent
Pine Green
Brown (Dark Chocolate)
Green (Dark Translucent)
Peak Green
Blue (Dark Translucent)
Light Blue
Glow in the Dark Blue