This light strip is designed to connect to the Ultimate 64 main board.  If you have v1.4 or greater of Gideon's Ultimate 64, then you don't need our userport breakout board to plug the light strip in.  If you however have v1.3 or earlier, you'll need one of these breakout boards as well.

These are neatly soldered and both conductive ends are protected with heatshrink. The cable is 40cm long, and +5v is identified on every cable to ensure it is properly connected. The connector is wired to match our breakout board as follows: (+5V, CLKI, SDI, GND). This is the same pinout as found on the new v1.4 boards by Gideon Zweijtzer. (Pin: 1 2 3 4 | GND DAT CLK 5V) Care must be taken to ensure the LED strip is plugged in the proper orientation otherwise damage to your board will occur.

The userport breakout board for connecting the LED strip on v1.3 or earlier boards can be found here: CLICK HERE

The LED lightstrip mount can be found here: 

Ultimate 64 24 LED RGB Light Strip

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Available Filament Colors

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Natural Translucent
Pine Green
Brown (Dark Chocolate)
Green (Dark Translucent)
Peak Green
Blue (Dark Translucent)
Light Blue
Glow in the Dark Blue