The Ultimate 64 allows for direct connection to both of the available SID chips in your U64.  This external audio mount allows for direct RCA connection to the board.

This mount is optimized for the Breadbin style of Commodore 64 case.

Shown assembled and installed, the default purchase is for the kit version.  The kit includes everything that you need to complete assembly including:

- Rearmount case for RCA connectors (you choose left or right orientation), with embedded heatsets and all required screws and washers
- Gold plated RCA cables
- Dupont cable with attached pin header female connectors

To be clear with regards to the LEFT or RIGHT orientation:

LEFT : means the audio jacks point towards the side with the AV and IEC connectors on the back of the machine
RIGHT: means the audio jacks point towards the cartridge port.

If you choose the RIGHT orientation, and want to use the cartridge port and the audio jacks at the same time, you'll need one of these UpCart 64's, which allow the use of both the jacks and the cartridge port while at the same time protecting the U64 cartridge port connector from wear and damage.

The external portion of the mount utilizes existing holes at the back of the 64c case, specifically the RF modulator ports that are unused by the U64.  The RCA connectors are mounted in the small case at a 45 degree angle to minimize how much it sticks out the back of your 64c.  The mount is available with the RCA connectors pointing LEFT or RIGHT.  You select which case style you'd like at time of purchase.

This mount is compatible with both the standard and ELITE U64 boards.

As this is something that the average tinkerer could finish assembly on, I'm providing this in a kit form, which will include all of the bits you need to complete the assembly yourself.  Just a little soldering and installation of the connectors is required.  There is an option of completely assembled as well for those without a soldering iron.

Ultimate 64 SIDtap External Audio Mount for Breadbin

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