The CSI Connect Model 400SE is a device that allows the user to connect an IEEE drive to a Commodore 64/128/VIC through it's native serial port.  No plug in interface is needed for the userport or cartridge port.  This device seamlessly allows the use of IEEE devices as easy as using a native drive such as the Commodore 1541 disk drive.

The board is sold in an assembled and tested configuration without power supply and a pair of jumpers for activating power/IEEE and IEC connectivity.  The power supply needed to power this device is any wall adapter that provides between 7 - 25VDC with a 2.1mm barrel connector (center positive).  These are easy to find and inexpensive, especially if you look in places like Goodwill or Value Village.  Linksys routers used a compatible power supply and are easy to find.

Features of this board (besides those mentioned above) include the following:

- Compatible with all IEEE cables, including factory keyed Commodore cables
- Dual surface mounted LED to indicate IEEE active
- Optional vented case designed to protect the board and IEEE edge connector from damage and ESD (as it is recessed in the case)
- Heatsinked onboard power regulator
- Dual IEC ports for connection to computer and additional IEC devices
- Gold plated IEEE edge connector

If you'd like to add the case to the purchase of this board, the case includes two switches with wiring harness and custom labels.

On the board you will receive, only the 40p chips and eprom will be socketed, the rest of the components will be soldered to the board.  It has to be like that for switch clearance when mounted in the case.

Because of the size and weight of this product, a shipping surcharge must be added to cover the additional cost of shipping due to the size/weight of the item.

These are built on an as-ordered basis, so it will take an additional few days to build and test this device for you, so expect a short delay in shipping.

NOTE: At this time, we have not yet received the labels, so they will be mailed separately once we receive them if you purchase the case option.

CSI Connect Model 400SE - IEEE to IEC

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