With Gideon's recent release of the Ultimate64 FPGA computer main board, it became quickly apparent that a set of 3D printed parts were needed to complete a quality installation of this board in a 64c Commodore case.  This part set is compatible with both the regular and Elite versions of the Ultimate 64.

We've come up with a complete kit allowing you to securely install your Ultimate 64 in a breadbin syle case.

You furthermore have a couple options for illuminated power buttons.

Option 1 is a single color LED you insert into a supplied natural/translucent button.  This LED connects to the LED pin header on the board allowing you to route either the power LED signal or the drive activity LED signal to the LED.

Option 2 is a dual color LED you insert into a supplied natural/translucent button.  This LED connects to the three pin header on the board providing both power and drive activity lights to your power button.

This set consists of seven components.

1. Center PCB support bracket
2. Userport plate
3. Port cover plate
4. Power plate
5. Power button
6. Small bag containing 4 washers used to fasten down the parts set (you supply the screws).

This installation set of parts is based on the Gideon Ultimate64 v1.2 mainboard, and is compatible with the breadbin style case as shown in the provided photos.

The port bracket contains an M2 brass heatset and screw combination.  When installing the Ultimate 64 in a breadbin, the right side of the board (where the joystick ports and keyboard connector are) due to the breadbin case design, has no support.  The port bracket provided not only gives you board support in this area, but also provides a screw location to fasten the board to.  This ensures that your Ultimate 64 is properly fastened to and supported in the case.

Ultimate 64 Installation Kit for Breadbin Case

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