This is the FinalGROM original COREi64 design.

As with all my designs, brass heatsets are embedded into the case allowing easy opening and closing of the case countless times. 

As with many "homebuilt" boards, assembly standards don't exist, and for the most part, that makes it a little challenging to construct a case that works for everyone.  Therefore, some decisions were made in the design.  The case was originally designed around a FinalGROM board with a pair of surface mounted 6x6x(4.3 to 5) pushbuttons, 5mm LED and surface mounted SDcard reader.  For this style of board, the case however has been designed to have room inside for those FinalGROM's using the "LC Technology" SDcard daughter board in leu of the solder on type of SD socket.  The header pins on the top of the SDcard daughter board (lid side) may need to be trimmed a tiny bid but the case does close with that daughterboard in place.  Small sidecutters can easily trim those down if need be.

The lid utilizes captive pins that lead down to the 6x6x4.3 to 6x6x5 pushbuttons.  Anyone with taller switches would need to trim them down or simply replace them with the shorter style.

This all having been said, keep in mind that depending on how your FinalGROM cartridge was constructed, you may need to make some minor adjustments as noted to allow it to work with our case.  Our design is based on a standard build for this open source board.  Your board may vary.

I've never been a fan of the label on the end of the cartridge, so I've instead inset some space on the top of the case for a label.  The label shown in the photos show the style of label that I've come up with for this cartridge.  The area for the label is 58mm x 12mm. Placing the label where I did makes it ascetically easier to view than on the end.  IMHO a much better place for it.

Every FinalGrom case comes with the cartridge label as shown.  Also please note that the cartridge and computer are not included with this item.  You will only receive the cartridge case, label and buttons in your choice of color (and optionally the required hex key if you should choose to include it in your shipment).

FinalGROM 99 Case for TI99/4A

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