Due to popular demand, I've created a "Print it Yourself" series of select models, and this 1581 case is one of them.  You are purchasing the right to print this case yourself.  This right of use extends only in so far as your right to print for your personal use only.

- You may not share these files with anyone.
- You may not upload these files to file sharing services.
- You may not print these cases for the purposes of selling them.

I am a small business operator, and work hard to create products for our Commodore community, and appreciate your respect for my hard work in purchasing the use of these files and abiding by the terms of this arrangement.  Your support of this shop helps our community grow, as it allows me to continue to create more things that will ultimately benefit us all with a strong supported community.

If you choose to purchase the use of these files, I thank-you for your purchase, and I hope you enjoy your 1581 project

If you have any questions, please contact me and I'll be happy to answer your questions.

Ideal print parameters are as follows:

This model prints nicely at 300mn or finer.

Base: The only support you may want to add is in the port openings in the rear, however, at 200mn, I have found even that area to be self supporting.
Top: You may add support under the front lip, however, I have successfully printed the top with no support material at all.
Face: This model should be printed face up, and support material needs to be added for the inside and perimeter.  I don't recommend printing this model face down, as the finish would be in my view unacceptable.
Internal Drive Support: No support is needed at all for this model, and it supports virtually all PC drives.

This case is design to use M2 heatsets with M2 screws (all screws 0.40mm Thread Size). 
Lid Screws: M2/12mm
Board to base screws: M2/4mm or 6mm
Internal mount to base screws: M2/10mm or 12mm
LED display board screw: M2/6mm
Heatsets: Tapered Heat-Set Inserts for Plastic, Brass, M2 x 0.40 mm Thread Size, 2.900 mm Installed Length
Hex key utilized for M2 screws is a 1.5mm hex pattern.

[PIY Series] Commodore 1581 Case with Universal Internal Mount

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