Related to the Youtube video 3D Printed Retro Computer Monitor on 3D Thursday these are the STL build files used

Due to popular demand, I've created a "Print it Yourself" series of select models, and this tape adapter case is one of them.

This product is for the individual purchasers personal use only.  The purpose of this is to allow individuals with 3D printers to print their own retro monitor parts kit.

It should be noted that you may find yourself needing to adapt this design to whatever panel you end up getting.  The panel used as shown in the video noted above, is the panel out of a Lenovo T41, 14" variant.  The panel has an overall thickness of 5mm, and as such, the 3D printed frame is designed for that thickness.  If you end up getting a panel with a different thickness, you will need to adjust the files somewhat.  Tinkercad is a good online tool for that purpose.  Also, the electronics driver board that you will match with your panel may not have the same mounting points.  I suggest you construct an adapter plate for that, then attach your driver board to the adapter plate you'd create, and attach the adapter plate to the rear framework of this design.

So, the take-away is that you will likely have to do some modifications.  But this provides you with a really complete starting point for your own project.

Take note that you are not purchasing the printed items, but rather the use of the STL files for your own personal use only.  Please do not share these files, or post them anywhere.  You do not own the rights to these files, but rather only the right to print this case for your own personal use only.  All you will receive when purchasing this is a downloadable ZIP file containing the STLs.

You may not duplicate, modify, share, upload, sell or give away prints generated from these STLs.  I hope you will respect my wishes in purchasing the use of these files.

This case is designed for heatset hardware.  You may of course feel free to secure this model any way you choose.

Thank-you for respecting my wishes.

[PIY Series] Retro Computer Monitor 3D Parts Kit

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