NOTE: This item has been SOLD.  I'm going to inventory my original pieces, and possibly create one more listing for an ORIGINAL Multi-Link setup.

Available here is an extremely rare item.  As far as we are aware, this original RTC Multi-Link hardware is only 1 of 2 original complete configurations known to exist in the world which places this firmly in the ultra rare and extremely collectible category from a collectors perspective.

This original Mini-Master cartridge was never a production cartridge, however, it does the similar function of the production "Master" board, with the exception of having a maximum satellites of 6 on a network.

You will receive all of the hardware shown in the included photos.

This original RTC Multi-link is a hardware/software networking solution for the Commodore 64 breadbin style computer with the large "long board".  It is not compatible with any other machine, and requires the connection of "sync" cables to two chips inside your Commodore 64 in order to function.

Follow the instruction manual available for download for complete network setup and configuration.

The price for this reflects the rarity of this item.  It is very unlikely that you will ever see another original system come up for sale.  This is one of two systems that I own, and I will not be selling my second setup.

For those interested in this, at a more affordable price, more compatible reproductions are available here: << RTC Multi-Link Collection >> 

ORIGINAL RTC Multi-Link 6 Satellite Networking System with Original Mini-Master

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