• Circuit Board Assembly/Soldering Service - MEDIUM DEVICE

This is our PCB assembly service.  

You would purchase this if you wanted a device that is normally only available (due to open source sharing restrictions) as a "sold at cost only" bare circuit board. 

You would separately purchase the bare board PCB (or supply the board to us yourself), purchase the parts kit for that bare board PCB (or supply the parts to us yourself), and purchase the associated assembly service from us.  When all three elements are combined, you would end up receiving a fully assembled and tested device knowing that you obtained the open source PCB at cost, obtained the required parts for assembly which is outside of the pervue of the open source non-commercial agreement, and hired someone to assemble it for you.

If you do not have the ability to solder these types of devices together yourself, you can rely on our expertise to do the job for you.

Each open-source board will have in it's description a link to the parts and type of assembly service required should you decide to go that route.  

If however, you want to assemble the product yourself, then you only need the PCB and parts kit.  Then you do the assembly yourself.  Choosing that option of course puts the responsibility of soldering it correctly on you and no guarantee of function is offered when you build the device yourself.

This item is for the assembly of MEDIUM devices.

Circuit Board Assembly/Soldering Service - MEDIUM DEVICE

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