The DoorCLAW is a compact tool that allows you to interact with your environment, be it opening doors, operating elevators or punching in your pin as you conclude your transaction at the store without physically touching anything but the tool.  This allows you to keep your hands away from nasty germs and viruses.  If you have two, you can even operate your shopping cart without touching it.  

The tool is designed to comfortably fit in your hand (compatible with left or right handed individuals), it features custom finger holes that work well with both small and large hands, and offers a third finger tab designed into the base to further comfortably grip the tool.  The integrated thumb rest allows you to add additional power to opening heavy doors.

The hook is designed to work with all shapes of door handles (doesn't work with door knobs unfortunately) offering a positive grip without getting it trapped in the handle.

The nub on the end of the hook is designed such that you can use the tool to push buttons such as interact/credit card keypads, elevator buttons... pretty much any mechanical button.  You may furthermore add a stylus tip to the end (not included) that would allow you to utilize touch screen devices as well.

The price shown is per DoorCLAW multifunction tool.

DoorCLAW - Multifunction Sanitary Touchless Door Opening & Keypad Tool

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