• Commodore CMD HD Reproduction REAR Label - NEW

What you see here is a brand new replacement HD REAR label.  This is the same rear label that was found on all versions of the CMD HD's, including the HD-20, HD-40, HD-100, HD-200 etc. 

These are available in limited quantities.  

This replacement HD-200 rear label is virtually indistinguishable from the original, with the textured finish on a robust vinyl label protected with an anti scratch laminate layer.  The adhesive is bonded to the underside of the label, so once you remove the old broken label from your HD-200 (ensuring that the surface is perfectly clean), you simply line up the label and apply it to the HD-200 housing.

Removing the old label will require a bit of effort on your part, as the original adhesive is rather dried up.  Adding some heat from a hair dryer while scraping with the optional plastic razor scraper in concert with an adhesive remover like "Googone" will remove the residue left by the old label.  Follow the removal of the label with a good cleaning using isopropyl alcohol to ensure there's no greasy residue remaining.  Then, line up the label and carefully apply it in a rolling motion to ensure that no air bubbles are trapped.  The label is thick enough that that shouldn't happen.

We reserve the right to limit quantities.

Commodore CMD HD Reproduction REAR Label - NEW

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